firma rot s.r.o.
Slovak Republic, Europe


Profile of the company

  Our company provides the import and the distribution of tools in professional quality for industry (mainly machine industry), craftsmen and also for domestic service (work) in Slovak republic :

We distribute and sale directly:

Power and air tools, clamping tools, abrasives, cutting and grinding wheels, coated belts, discs, rolls and sheets, bonded grinding wheels, vitrified bonded mounted points, saw tools, wire brushes, drills, milling cutters, tungsten carbide burrs, diamond wheels, diamond tools, screwdrivers, bits, keys, deburring tools, clamp tools, pliers, ratchet and socket tools, knives ...

What we do

  We supply our customers with tools and tool equipments directly from producers and other distributors covering whole Slovak republic.

  We give attention to needs to our customer, we recommend him on tool withdrawal. We test tools and tool equipments in his manufacture, we trade off the power, the effectiveness of price/power and the suitability of the product for definite customer.

  Daily visits and consultations with the customers are very important for our company.

Who we are

  We are a private company Ltd., set up in 1995 in order to distribute and sale tools and tool equipment in Slovak republic.

  We have reached a broad range of customers from great companies to small customers - producers also dealers in whole area of Slovak republic since the constitution of the company. We have also a co-operation with the important world producers of tools and tool equipment.

  We have created portfolio of reliable customers and also suppliers by our philosophy of delivering staples to customers.

  The results of the running of the company are very positive. Developing of the company is created by increasing sales of customers and also by increasing of new suppliers.

Identification numbers of the company

  The company is incorporated - company registration number:

  The tax identification number:


e-mail : ( Deutsch, English )
fax : ++421 41 5626 332 ( Deutsch, English )

Adress :

rot s.r.o.
Dlhá 95/B
010 09 Zilina
Slovak republic

What we want in the future…

To be better!

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